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Measham Fit Out

Sleeps 4 to 7 people

Berth arrangement is two fixed doubles and three single berths,
six single berths,
three doubles, two of which are fixed.

Berth arrangement on this boat is very versatile.

Below is a list of web pages that follow, in date order, the fitting out of Measham, the latest boat to be added to Ashby Boat Company fleet of quality narrowboats for hire.

The Fitting Out Diary

8th. November – Craning in the shell to the Ashby Canal at Shackerstone

11th. November – Towing the shell of Measham to the wharf at Stoke Golding

21st. November – Putting the ballast into the bottom of the shell

29th. November – Fitting the Floor

1st. December – The Exterior Painting of the Narrowboat Measham has begun

7th. December – Continuing Painting of Hull and Fixing of Interior Wooden Battens

13th. December – Continuing Painting, Window Fixing and Preparation for Insulation

19th. December – Finishing Painting, Window Fixing and Foam Insulation

10th. January – Installing the Wiring in the Ducts, and Starting the Internal Cladding

15th. January – Installing the Pipework, and the Bulk of the Internal Cladding

19th. January – Installing the Upper Internal Cladding and the Bulkheads

24th. January – Starting the Kitchen and Bathroom Fitting

31st. January – Central Heating System, Kitchen Fitting, and Bathroom Fitting

6th. February – Continuing Kitchen, Beds, Bathroom, Storage – Start Engine Fitting

14th. February – Beginning the Finishing all through the Boat, and the Engine Fitting

22nd. February – More Interior “Finishing”, Light Units Fitted, Engine Working, etc.

10th. March – The Final Page of the Fitting out of Measham